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Aaron grew up in the middle of ‘Outback’ Australia, playing with Koalas and wrestling Kangaroos. To some, he is known as the ‘Aussie Cowboy’, to others… A-A-ron, and to everyone else, pretty much just ‘Aaron’!!

In spite of growing up in the middle of nowhere, he still found the opportunity to compete and excel in many different sports. Rugby, Tennis, triathlons and Bull riding, just to name a few. This developed a great foundation for his dance career.

In 2004 he auditioned for one of the top dance schools in Australia, and even though he had no formal training, he was accepted into the school. This 4-year combined intensive performing arts course, taught him all different styles of dance and as well as acting and singing. Making him an extremely well-rounded performer. To add to his talents, he also studied and trained gymnastics and aerial.

After graduating, he worked on a Cruise ship for a couple of years, before deciding to move to Las Vegas. Since moving to ‘Sin City’ he has performed in many big and small shows on the strip. His talents have also led him to share the stage with many famous people.

Aaron is an exceptional teacher of dance and loves to dance Ballroom. He also loves fast cars and motorcycles as well as any extreme sports. His favorite quote is “Live like there is no tomorrow!!”

Ausie Heat

Aussie Heat is the hottest and most hands on male revue in Las Vegas. Stay connected and follow us to stay up to date on 2020 tours and events.

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