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We are Aussie Heat, the best male strip show in Las Vegas. After establishing ourselves as Australia’s #1 & highest profile male strip show; In early 2015 we made the call and decided to take our electrifying, innovative and ‘next level’ production onto the world’s greatest and most sought after ‘stage’ – Las Vegas.

Armed with an All-Star cast of Australia’s highest skilled break dancers / poppers / freestyle hip hop dancers all chiselled with rock hard bronzed down under bodies – in July 2015 – we exploded into the D Hotel Showroom – Freemont St Las Vegas on a 7 show per week contractual residency.

Aussie Heat Best Male Strip Show in Las Vegas - Group Discounts Las Vegas Shows

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It didn’t take long for the word to spread that the new age and revolutionary “dancers that CAN strip – not strippers that CAN’T dance” Aussie Heat crew had arrived and were on their way to being rated the #1 Adult Show in Las Vegas (Yelp 2016).

After only 3 months Downtown, the bright lights of the Vegas main strip welcomed us to the V2 Theatre Miracle Mile – Planet Hollywood.

Performing 5 x shows @ 10:30pm weekly – the V2 is the perfect venue for any bachelorette party, girls night out or any excuse for a wild Vegas night out.

It is intimate, cozy and best of all, you have the opportunity to get up close with every performer during the show. With Aussie Heat, we ensure that you are not only watching the production, but you are a huge part of it.


  •   Had way too much fun! And can't wait to see more!!! Thank you for a wonderful show and so many memories 😉

    thumb Paige D
  •   Ladies, this show needs to be a part of your Las Vegas plans!!! These men know how to entertain. Definitely will be back for more! 🔥

    thumb Bethany L
  •   Best male show ever!! The men were great and very easy on the eyes 😍🔥 We had so much fun at Aussie Heat, would definitely recommend!

    thumb Aly P
  •   Hands down aaahmazing! Great night, great show, and amazing entertainers! Will definitely be going back!!!

    thumb Sarah F
  •   Didn’t know what to expect from this show going in but thought “hey, why not?!”. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. I was so impressed by the quality of the dancers and the intimacy of the entire show. Met some of the boys...More

    thumb Brittany K
  •   I love them all especially Adam! He dirty dance his way Right into my heart😊😊😊 will keep coming back for more

    thumb Erica R
  •   Amazing show!! A MUST see!! Love the men!! One of the best Male reviews I have ever seen!! Ladies, don't delay...GO!!

    thumb ewingmickey
  •   It’s hot. It’s heated. It’s guys with accents. You can’t go wrong!! Great night out with the girls to celebrate being single and sexy!

    thumb Daliyce C
  •   My sisters and bff surprised me with tickets to this show for my bachelorette party, it was THE BEST male show in Vegas!!! It’s intimate. It’s brilliant. These guys can dance!! They know how to get you going. It’s a must! Get ready to unleash...More

    thumb Allie K
  •   Very intimate and fun! The guys are so sexy and talented. Everyone had a great time and I’d recommend to any women visiting Las Vegas!!!

    thumb Andrea K

Some of our favorite reviews!

“These Aussies are tremendously talented and immensely interactive with the crowd.”    – Lynsey M. Highland, CA

“They’re more provocative than Chips or Thunder, less raunchy than a male strip club like Deja Vu.”    – Rachel D. Henderson, NV

“This show is everything you hope and fantasize it’s going to be and more…and more and more and more!”    – Meg M. Brooklyn, NY

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Aussie Heat Male Revue Las Vegas - Best Male Strip Show in Las Vegas! Group Discounts Las Vegas Shows!


  •   Seriously?! What was I thinking when I thought I've seen hot male dancers. Aussie Heat is HOT and these men can DANCE! I've never been so entertained in my life at a male review. If any of my friends are reading this, please take me for my birthday! Yes I'd love to see this show again - and again.

    thumb Fawnia M.
  •   I saw this show Friday evening and had a great time!  The stage is small but the mens' talents more than make up for it.  I am actually not the type to see these shows, I go with friends but, being a demisexual, I am not turned on by strangers dancing on stage. Are there a lot of similarities to other shows? Yes.  Can the uncanny sense of humor and timing with comedic bits be any better? No.  The comedy parts of this show had me laughing and it was a perfect mix of sexy and fun.  Now for those of you ladies whom have been to these shows and feel a bit shafted because you weren't one of the lucky few to be pulled up in stage, you're in luck.  They have Aussie Bucks and you can purchase these and wave them in the air at certain points of the show and get yourself a lap dance.  These guys are VERY generous; one went down an entire row.  

    Also, I think they could do even more with the show! Create some scenes that aren't cliché, seen in every strip show-these men are talented enough.  Also, the hosts seating us seemed very confused about seating and we witnessed that with everyone brought in.

    thumb Amy R.
  •   Wow I mean wow! As a man in my prime I felt invigorated after leaving. Despite finding chest hair attractive. Since I have so much myself the smooth chests and smooth moves left me feel like maybe it's time for a wax appointment. The show is great and you will leave with a smile.

    thumb Candido L.
  •   Love the show, it's so much fun! The gentlemen are all good-looking, have amazing bodies, down to earth and super friendly with their charming accents. Plus THEY. CAN. DANCE. The intimate setting is a nice change of pace from the larger venues. Adam the MC is awesome at getting everyone in the audience involved. The best part is, the guys also stick around to talk to guests at the bar across the theater afterwards. Overall, great energy, fun times and I highly, highly recommend it for a girls night out.

    thumb Judy C.
  •   DON'T LEAVE VEGAS UNTIL YOU SEE THIS SHOW! OMG Aussie Heat defines Vegas! The show is sooo classy and hot at the same time, I don't know how they do it, but you girls (and guys!) should find out for yourselves. If you have anything to celebrate, or just want to have a good, fun time, this is it. The host, Adam, is sooo friendly and recognizes everyone in the audience. You really do feel like you are involved in the show. It's so interactive, so be prepared to scream your heart out lol.

    They welcome everybody, and they make you feel special. I have seen this show three times, and I'm looking forward to more.

    Tip: dress to impress! You never know, they might invite you on stage 😉

    Drinks are offered as well. I'm telling you, everything you need is right here. Such a great entertainment!

    thumb Genevieve S.
  •   We had such a great time at this show last night. It was the perfect kick off to a girls weekend in Vegas. I would recommend it to anyone for a bachelorette party, divorce party, birthday, or a regular girls night out. The theater was intimate so there really was not a bad seat. The guys were a lot of fun and everyone in that theater got attention. Such a fun experience!

    thumb Alex M.
  •   My roommate had her birthday bash here last night and we had a group of ten and they sat us in the very front!

    The show started on time, and the men were very handsome. The MC was great. Got the audience involved. The show was fun. Very interactive.

    The only downfall is the show starting so late, but I'm an old lady at heart so it was a struggle to stay awake. Haha.

    All in all, not a bad show to have some girl fun.

    thumb Faye F.
  •   Loved this show! I had a perfect seat right near the stairs so I got more lap dances than I was expecting! The guys are incredibly sexy, amazing dancers, and so much fun! After the show they meet with the audience at the bar downstairs to talk and take pictures and have some drinks! These guys are so friendly and down to earth! Australian guys are kinda my thing so I really enjoyed it!

    thumb Heather C.
  •   I just watched this performance for a bachelorette last night. We decided on Aussie Heat bc its probably the only male strip/dance show we haven't seen in Vegas. I really wasn't very impressed. The theater they perform in has leveled seating, making it very hard to see for many girls. Their acts were corny and there was more dance than actual stripping and teasing. Sorry guys, you need to step it up!

    thumb Stefani J.
  •   The best male stripper show in vegas period .
    Not uptight like the other big ones on the strip .. Super cool , chill , very friendly and very interactive, ( if u catch my drift)
    Aussie heat is awesome !! Super hot!! Go see them now !! You will have a great time !!

    thumb Anne M.