I am originally from La Habana, Cuba. I’m currently 29 years old, based in Las Vegas, NV where I professionally work as a performer. I started my artistic career when I was a kid at the age of 8; I used to watch my mother perform in restaurants and hotels around the city singing, playing instruments and dancing with a live Latin band. I have done many different activities in my lifetime including sports; one of them and the most special is kung fu, which I started at the age of 13 years old and kept practicing for 11 years.

Basically what changed my entire life was moving to Istanbul, Turkey at the age of 18 and having to adapt and live in an absolutely different culture, learn a new language while still developing English and Spanish being my native and main spoken language, with this said that makes me trilingual. Living in Istanbul I started dancing as a hobby at first but rapidly became my profession which enabled me to experience a new culture, visit places and interact with people that helped me grow immensely as an artist and learn so much about the entertainment industry. My drive for the arts and my insatiable need to be in the spotlight, to create a fantasy the audience comes to feed on but also transmit what I feel and who I really am. I get to do what I love as a profession and it never feels like work. Thanks to my talent I’ve been all around Turkey where I performed in uncountable stages and with multiple even internationally known pop artists, fashion designers, photographers, and even a Guinness awarded dance company where I had the honor to travel even more and to other countries as a soloist.

I moved to the USA at the age of 26. I was cast in my first big production – Cocoadios in NY, only 3 months after my arrival. My first theatrical show was SNF (Saturday Night Fever) located in VA and my first show on the Las Vegas Strip – Divas by Frank Marino, just to mention a few. Currently, I find myself towards executing my moves on stage with the show “Aussie Heat” which would also add to my career another “first-time” event being my first male revue show and my second show on the Las Vegas strip.

Besides dancing. agencies have opened the doors for me in the world of Modeling. I have already been seen walking on Fashion Shows as Macy’s & Superdry, TV and Website commercials for hotels like Palace Station and Palms and print shoots for Black & White Party 2018 and Pride Magazine 2019.

I could not feel more rewarded by knowing that many people out there would give anything to be in my shoes and here I am, living more than I ever dreamed of!

Ausie Heat

Aussie Heat is the hottest and most hands on male revue in Las Vegas. Stay connected and follow us to stay up to date on 2020 tours and events.

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