Aussie Heat


Originally from Melbourne Australia, Lenard, also known as Enigma Boogie, started dancing in the year 2000 and quickly excelled in the funk dances known as (Locking) and (Popping). Lenard fit in very easily with the dance group HunkMania. As lead choreographer, and having a leading dance role, Lenny continued with the group until he was approached with an offer to take his skills to Las Vegas and join Aussie Heat.

As a member of (Nomadic Funk) and (Wicked Force Crew) he performs extensively in music festivals, clubs, shows, theatre, music videos, commercials and corporate events. Constantly learning, expanding and evolving his skills, he regularly imports many Pioneers of Street Dance Culture to teach workshops in Australia and abroad.

“My goal is to help the Dance community to continue to grow, to share my knowledge and educate the youth of today as-well as the next generation of up and coming dancers.”