Meet the heat up close and personal. Read their bio’s and get to know them before you see them live. Before every show there's a VIP meet and greet where you can take pictures and talk to the bonzer blokes of Aussie Heat!

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Lenny –

Originally from Melbourne Australia, Lenard, also known as Enigma Boogie, started dancing in the year 2000 and quickly excelled in the funk dances known as (Locking) and (Popping). Lenard fit in very easily with the dance group HunkMania. As lead choreographer, and having a leading dance role, Lenny continued with the group until he was approached with an offer to take his skills to Las Vegas and join Aussie Heat.

As a member of (Nomadic Funk) and (Wicked Force Crew) he performs extensively in music festivals, clubs, shows, theatre, music videos, commercials and corporate events. Constantly learning, expanding and evolving his skills, he regularly imports many Pioneers of Street Dance Culture to teach workshops in Australia and abroad.

“My goal is to help the Dance community to continue to grow, to share my knowledge and educate the youth of today as-well as the next generation of up and coming dancers."

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Handsome George

Born in Melbourne, Australia, George started line dancing at the early age of 10. He then went on competing in Line dance where he won 6 consecutive world championship titles.

His desire for competing grew stronger where he then found himself competing in Latin and ballroom dance. Fun fact: George landed himself a full ride scholarship to Lane Theater Arts in London. During his time studying, George was asked to dance in front of the Queen for the Royal variety show.

After graduating college, George auditioned for Royal Caribbean and performed out at sea in over 50 countries. He now resides in Las Vegas. George is honored to be here for his first season of Aussie Heat!


Adam was born Melbourne, Australia, grew up playing professional tennis. He had a bad injury at the age of 17 and decided to join the military.

After the military he got offered a contract for Universal Studios Japan, where he worked for four years. Coming back home to Australia, he signed with Australia’s biggest modeling agency and worked full-time as a model for two years. He then auditioned for Universal Studios Singapore, which he landed and worked for them 2 years. He then moved to Los Angeles to pursue film and television acting, where he was offered the MC role in Aussie Heat.

He loves his job making audiences have a fun experience. Fun fact: Adam owns his own medical cannabis business, Green Barr, which he has a line of products which target health and wellness and fitness professionals.

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Aaron grew up in the middle of ‘Outback’ Australia, playing with Koalas and wrestling Kangaroos. To some, he is known as the ‘Aussie Cowboy’, to others… A-A-ron, and to everyone else, pretty much just ‘Aaron’!!

In spite of growing up in the middle of nowhere, he still found the opportunity to compete and excel in many different sports. Rugby, Tennis, triathlons and Bull riding, just to name a few. This developed a great foundation for his dance career.

In 2004 he auditioned for one of the top dance schools in Australia, and even though he had no formal training, he was accepted into the school. This 4-year combined intensive performing arts course, taught him all different styles of dance and as well as acting and singing. Making him an extremely well-rounded performer. To add to his talents, he also studied and trained gymnastics and aerial.

After graduating, he worked on a Cruise ship for a couple of years, before deciding to move to Las Vegas. Since moving to ‘Sin City’ he has performed in many big and small shows on the strip. His talents have also led him to share the stage with many famous people.

Aaron is an exceptional teacher of dance and loves to dance Ballroom. He also loves fast cars and motorcycles as well as any extreme sports. His favorite quote is “Live like there is no tomorrow!!”

Simon –

Simon aka “Simonster” was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.

With over 17 years break-dancing experience, Simon has established himself as one of the world's top talents performing, judging, and teaching internationally.

Simonster is known for his amazing flips and dance moves! In his spare time, Simon enjoys cooking, hiking, and traveling, and he also has a degree in physiotherapy.

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6’4” Mountain of Muscle

Originally from the surf coast of Australia, Simon's professional entertainment career for the past 18 years took hold after graduating with his Dance / Theater degree.

After working for years in the fields of classical, contemporary and commercial dancing he shifted to musical theater, this line of work moved him into Film / Television work as a Stunt Actor.

He has worked around the world and beside some of the major names in the industry, now he is very happy to be here in Las Vegas working for Aussie Heat. Simon feels privileged to be performing alone side such talented performers and for such warm crowds, seeing the amazing smiles on their faces makes the journey worthwhile. He also speaks fluent Japanese.