Aussie Heat brings a show like no other to the Las Vegas Strip!

We are Aussie Heat! In early 2015, after establishing ourselves as Australia’s #1 highest-profile male strip show, we made the call and decided to take our electrifying, innovative, next-level production to the world’s greatest and most sought after “stage” – the Las Vegas Strip.

Armed with an All-Star cast of Australia’s highest-skilled break dancers / poppers / freestyle and hip hop dancers, all chiseled with rock-hard bronzed, down-under bodies, in July 2015, we exploded into the D Hotel Showroom on Freemont St. in Las Vegas with a 7-show-per-week residency.

It didn’t take long for the word to spread that we were the new-age, revolutionary “dancers that CAN strip – not strippers that CAN’T dance.” Aussie Heat had arrived and we were on our way to being rated the #1 Adult Show in Las Vegas.

After only 3 months Downtown, the bright lights of the Vegas main strip welcomed us to the V2 Theatre Miracle Mile – Planet Hollywood. Performing 5 shows at 10:30pm weekly – the V2 is the perfect venue for any bachelorette party, girls night out or any excuse for a wild Vegas night out. It is intimate, cozy and best of all, you have the opportunity to get up close with every performer during the show! With Aussie Heat, we ensure that you are not only watching the production, but you are a huge part of it.

  •   Such an awesome, hands-on show! The dancers are friendly, and it's super interactive. Will definitely go back.

    UPDATE: Decided to take advantage of House Seats tickets for the other male revues. Call it research. . My friend and I went to Thunder from Down Under, Chippendales, and Magic Mike. We both decided Aussie Heat is still the most interactive show. They make the WHOLE audience feel special. The other shows focused on a lot of the same people. Looking for a fun night, THIS is the show!

    thumb Dana M.
  •   I don't know how this place doesn't have more reviews, but honestly, this is THE show to see if you want to see some studs do their thing on stage and/or on your lap. This review is also coming from somebody who's never been to any type of strip show; I loved it and felt so comfortable being involved that I insist this be the best you're gonna get in Vegas from male strippers. Just as the other reviews say, this show is HIGHLY interactive, which is why I strongly recommend it/chose to buy the VIP package without a doubt.

    I got the VIP ticket [this included a meet and greet with the guys, front row seats, and a free drink from the bar] from which saved me a few bucks, though if you do that instead of buying the ticket from their site, you forgo the option being picked up from your hotel. I chose this show among many others because I'd rather be a part of this action than just idly stare from a distance...what happens in Vegas, am I right? These guys are very professional, kind, and highly intuitive. I got to the meet and greet a bit late, yet they still let me have pictures with the guys and treated me no differently. And once I stepped into the private room [which by the way is full of stripper poles, haha], I got a bit overwhelmed by the number of hugs and names being thrown at me. I didn't say anything, but they noticed my discomfort and hugs got less, they slowed down and started shaking my hand instead. Of course, once it came time to take pictures, I eased up, and they encouraged me to "grab some skin." When you take pictures with these guys don't be shy, you have the option to do naughty style poses! It's so much fun, and they get rather creative with it, but they never force anything on you, you get the option to initiate that if you'd like.

    Before the show starts, you're also given the option to buy Aussie bucks if you want a bit more attention, which means more lap dances. I bought 10 Aussie bucks and sadly didn't get to use 3 of them because it was a full house, but hey, it's a great system for sanitary reasons and creative having their tagline be "wave em high, stuff em low." Wave em to get attention, stuff them as a reward. Giggity.

    When you're seated, the stagehand will come to you and tell you that they sometimes ask for volunteers for games and such and asks if you'd be comfortable going to the stage. Despite it being my first time attending these types of shows I don't have stage fright, so I excitedly offered to be a part of one of the games. The game I went up for involved 3 volunteers which Adam, the MC, looks out for in the crowd, he will come down and let you introduce yourself, asks what the occasion is, and then he walks you up to the stage. Once up there 3 guys come out and stand behind you, and then it's BODY SHOT TIME, but there's a catch: now YOU'RE the one who gets to entertain the audience!

    A couch of a sort is put on stage, the guy pulls out the shot, and you're asked "head, chest, or penis?" as in where the shot should go. Again, this is why I'm advocating Aussie-- you have the option to make the show yours! The MC breaks down three rules at the start of this all, one of which YOU CAN touch, spank, even lick the guys... I know, it's a bit much, but where else can you do that? And if they're alright with it then...why not? I asked the guy I performed with (or on?) if he's really okay with being touched [I'm not going to reveal his entire name, but shoutout to K!] and he was, so I went to town. I chose chest [and told the crowd to "wait for it"] and he spilled some of the drink on himself, but what I did after made me get some wild cheers and a vote for crowd favorite which landed me an Aussie Heat shot glass for the road. Never in my days have I done anything like that, but I'm glad it was done here because I felt it alright to be myself [no recording of any kind is allowed], confident, sexy, and accepted.

    This made an incredible last night in Vegas; better than anything planned.

    To recap, this isn't really a show, it's an experience that you CANNOT miss. You have the option to simply watch or actively participate to your own comfort level. The guys are great looking [and their skin is so soft, wtf how?!] intuitive, kind, and professional. Their acts are well choreographed, they give you the time if you want it without discrimination [there was a couple of two men behind me who also got lap dances without any problems], and you'll be left with great memories which will have you referring to the saying "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

    20/10 would bang-- er, excuse me, would recommend. O:)

    thumb Serge M.
  •   **this is a 10 star review** AMAZING!

    Stop everything you're planning and get yourself to this show immediately. In town for a Bachelorette weekend, we last minute decided our 14 person party needed to hang out with some half naked males. Not easy finding that many seats together day of, but luckily our amazing concierge at the Venetian steered us in the oh so right direction of Aussie Heat.

    1. These guys are gorgeous. All of them. Every single one.
    2. There is a ton of audience involvement in the best way possible. This show is raunchy and fun, and definitely hands on (read the tag line... know what you're going to). But these guys are also very aware of the comfort level of the audience members, and seemed to already know the members of our group that were more happy just to watch.
    3. Very gay friendly! They don't care who you are, or where you're from. (Sorry not sorry for the BSB reference.. When you see their boyband style dance moves you'll appreciate it). Our gay friend was with us, and I can not stress enough how welcomed he felt at the show (this was so so great to see, and unfortunately not true of other shows in the area).
    4. These guys have some serious skills. They'll make you laugh and smile the whole show, and their dance moves are just impressive and so fun to watch.
    5. If you're in town for a party or event, pay for the meet and greet before the show. You get to hang out with all the performers before the show...I don't think that needs more explanation. Plus, they remembered most of our names during and after the show. Hott.
    6. The theater is pretty small. We got to sit up front with our VIP tickets, but you'll have a great view wherever you sit.
    7. Buy the "bucks" . You want the bucks.
    8. Get a picture after the show. It's only $10, and goes to a great cause. These guys are awesome.
    9. Go to the bar after the show! All these beautiful men will be there mingling and handing out shots. They're super nice guys, and you can tell they have a lot of fun.
    10. Accents. That one should be obvious.

    Soooo. Sexiness, Aussies, stripping, dancing... Honestly, I don't know why you're still reading this review. Go buy tickets. Now. You're welcome 😉

    thumb Alyssa M.
  •   I saw this show Friday evening and had a great time!  The stage is small but the mens' talents more than make up for it.  I am actually not the type to see these shows, I go with friends but, being a demisexual, I am not turned on by strangers dancing on stage. Are there a lot of similarities to other shows? Yes.  Can the uncanny sense of humor and timing with comedic bits be any better? No.  The comedy parts of this show had me laughing and it was a perfect mix of sexy and fun.  Now for those of you ladies whom have been to these shows and feel a bit shafted because you weren't one of the lucky few to be pulled up in stage, you're in luck.  They have Aussie Bucks and you can purchase these and wave them in the air at certain points of the show and get yourself a lap dance.  These guys are VERY generous; one went down an entire row.  

    Also, I think they could do even more with the show! Create some scenes that aren't cliché, seen in every strip show-these men are talented enough.  Also, the hosts seating us seemed very confused about seating and we witnessed that with everyone brought in.

    thumb Amy R.
  •   Mmmm so so, they are all sweethearts.. ( 5 of them and plus one for the good looking host who probably talked and talked my ears off) sorry guy. I just felt that there was not much entertainment and the girls were just picked individually for us to watch them get an okay lap dance. I also didnt feel comfortable that some of gay guys didnt get that dance they were suppose to get with the dummy dollars they purchased plus they were seated in the very back, mmmmnot fair for them. I thought there would be some sort of diversity . Also i think the guys should also invest in some of their uniforms so they can dressed up better with the stripping clothes .the clothes seem to be some older board shorts and too much jeans. The guys are all nice but all of them seem young they cant be old but they should have at least a good age group. Its good but it ain't Chip#%$dles. I'm afraid this will be my first and last. Its still good so please dont take much of my word for it. Check it out yourself. Aussie Aussie Aussie ....Oy Oy Oui!

    thumb Jennifer F.
  •   I saw Aussie Heat last Thursday night and what a fabulous sexy show! Hunky Aussie men doing what they do best dance and strip. They had a full room of girls in a frenzy.Ive seen all the male revue shows in Las Vegas and Aussie Heat is by far the best show ever!!' Do yourself a favour and see this show

    thumb Maxine F.
  •   These guys are professional entertainers and first rate dancers who have an abundance of charm and energy, and yes, are sizzling hot. It was apparent that each dancer on stage looked genuinely happy to be there, and worked hard to entertain the audience - You can tell from the roar of the audience that everyone was having a great time!

    I was on a solo trip to Vegas last weekend, and had a free Sunday evening and wanted to check out a male revue show for the first time. As a solo gay male, I was a little nervous at the idea of attending a male revue show typically marketed to hetero females; would I be welcomed or made to feel uncomfortable? Let me summarize and assure you that Aussie Heat is very inclusive and made sure the entertainment was for all!

    I did a quick search on reviews and after reading some abysmal ones for other Vegas male revue shows (*cough* Magic Mike *cough*), I read many praised Aussie Heat so I bit the bullet and bought a ticket. The show is in Planet Hollywood's Miracle Mile mall in the smaller V Theater. I bought my ticket via Groupon; once you have your order, you call the box office to give your redemption code and are then asked to come down to the theater to pick up your ticket. If you arrive early, there's plenty of eats and shops to kill time in the mall surrounding the theater.

    You are asked to arrive 15 minutes to showtime; there is a bar outside the theater where everyone congregated prior to them seating you. When I picked up my ticket at the theater, they asked me if I would like to upgrade seats or buy a drink ticket. The drink ticket was ~$10 with a "souvenir cup" (a generic plastic cup with another theater's show that I didn't bother keeping) and you can fill it with any of their house drinks. I made the mistake of not getting it, and when I arrived at the theater, my gin and tonic came out to nearly $20 in a "souvenir cup". Make sure you get the drink ticket! One man was also selling "Aussie dollars", which are stacks of fake, clean bills for you to wave in the air, get a dance and stuff it in their pants. I was apprehensive and too shy to buy some and was planning on just being a voyeur, but would highly recommend you do as I would certainly get it for next time!

    The theater is relatively small with about four rows or so; since the theater wasn't filled, I didn't see anyone seated in the very far back. I was General Admission and was seated in the third row. Every seat looked like a good view since it was an intimate theater.

    The emcee Adam was a natural at stage banter, and was extremely funny and easy on the eyes. If you want to see the dancers in the movie Magic Mike come to life, Aussie Heat is it! The guys were terrific dancers with well-sculpted bodies, and each act was cheeky and humorous. As for the "stripping", this is the right amount of tasteful striptease naughtiness for a bachelorette/bachlor's party but definitely NSFW. You see some naked backsides, simulations and innuendos, and a lot of grinding dance moves. They do warn that no one is allowed to film on their cell phones, which is a appreciated since I doubt many of the audience participants want these videos going up on YouTube without their permission!

    Throughout the show, there are segments where if you have Aussie Dollars that you purchased previously, the dancers will come down to the audience to give you extra attention with a lap dance. Since I didn't purchase any and no one in my section did either, our section did not receive special attention, which is why I would recommend purchasing them if you want some focus on ya!

    I noticed there were few men in my audience, and most looked like they were a husband/boyfriend taking their wife/girlfriend to the show, so no men were chosen as participants for the stage since they weren't waving their hands in the air. As the show neared to the end, and I enjoyed watching and cheering throughout, the men were doing one final round for audiences to get rid of all their Aussie Dollars. Even though I didn't have any, the dancer Handsome George (whose dance moves are insane, and he more than lives up to his name) made his round down our row and actually gave me some attention. I was not expecting that as one of the few males in the audience, and someone who wasn't hooting for attention!

    I would highly recommend Aussie Heat. It's a world class entertaining show with a cast who works hard for the audience. Most of all, I can attest that the reviews were right - this show is INCLUSIVE if you are male or female, LGBTQ+ or straight, which is very important. So if you have any hesitations like myself, do yourself a favor and go book your tickets now and SUPPORT Aussie Heat! Can't wait to go again!

    Also, at the end you can take a pic with the cast with proceeds going to local charity Opportunity Village that they support and teach dance at. How awesome is that? In that case, you know I had to get one!

    thumb Kenny H.
  •   Adam and his team are bloody legends. Thank you so much, we had such a great time. You wouldn't think you would get all giggly when walking into the show, but you immediately revert back to a teenage girl once you see the festivities. HEHEHEHEHEHE See you again soon xx Recommend Aussie Heat x 10000!

    thumb Sarah L.
  •   This is a FANTASTIC show! I saw this show and Magic Mike within the same week and hands down this one is my favorite! The guys are all very talented dancers, high energy, and SUPER HOT!!!!!!!!!!! This show emphasizes audience participation (and it's obvious the ladies they call up are REAL audience members not plants). I didn't know before I saw this show how much of a thing I had for Australian guys, but trust me they're definitely worth the ticket price. There's an option to buy fake money before the show called Aussie Dollars which you can give to the guys and they will give you a more "up close and personal performance". It's definitely worth it and I suggest it. I had never received a lap dance before, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I must say they're very good. I managed to get three lap dances in one night, and they make sure to give as many ladies in the audience attention as possible. It's obvious that they enjoy what they do and want to be there, and they smell great too! Even the host Adam performs in the show! You are also allowed to touch the dancers as long as you follow the rules the host tells you at the start (mainly don't hurt them obviously), which most shows do not allow. The host is funny and keeps your attention, and doesn't distract from the show at all. Music selection is mostly contemporary hip hop/rap/pop with some older tracks mixed in from a few different genres. I cannot recommend this show enough for a bachelorette party, birthday, or just to have a good time with your friends. If I'm able to I'll definitely be back again in the future with friends.

    thumb E A.
  •   Aussie Heat is the best male revue show in Vegas!! Get the VIP tickets--they're worth it!

    I've been to all the male revue shows in Vegas and Aussie Heat is, by far, the best one! While all the dancers are obviously very talented and super hot, what I really enjoyed was how friendly, entertaining, sweet, and welcoming they were to everybody! They are gay-friendly and very inclusive, and they all worked very hard to make everyone in the audience feel beautiful, comfortable, and appreciated. My gay friend and I got the VIP tickets, which were totally worth it. We got to meet, talk (I could listen to their Aussie accents all day long!), and take a photo with the cast, and then got a free cocktail before the show started. 2 cast members were selling "Aussie dollars" to those of us who wanted more "personal" attention, lol ("Wave them high and stuff 'em low!!). Think the breakdown was $10 USD = 10 Aussie dollars, but $20 USD = 30 Aussie dollars. I tried to give them $60 USD (I clearly wanted a lot of attention, lol!!) which they could have sold me, but they told me I wouldn't need that many. Though I was a bit disappointed to hear that (I was prepared to make it rain on Oz!!), I really appreciated their honesty. The show itself is very entertaining, fun, and definitely hands on! They really work hard to give everyone a bit of personal attention and they encourage you to get a good feel and appreciation for all their hard work at the gym. Mmm, yes please! They have a lot of audience participation too and for one of the games onstage, they picked my friend!! He brought the house down with his mad skills! I was very impressed and I would have videoed it, except you're not allowed to take pictures or videos during the show, which I didn't mind at all! That way, everyone can focus on, enjoy, and fully perv out on all the glorious showings of undulating masculinity instead of being distracted looking at your phone the whole night! After the show, they invite you to Blondie's bar downstairs across from the theater for a free shot and chat with the cast. My friend and I went and ended up having a great conversation with them! Truly classy, smart, hot men, fun show; just overall a really great time! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended! You won't be disappointed! Matter of fact, my friend and I are coming back May 25 to see the show again! Get ready for us, Aussie Heat! Oi! Oi! Oi! 🙂

    thumb Katherine L.

This show is everything you hope and fantasize it’s going to be and more…and more and more and more!

– Meg M. Brooklyn, NY
Be sure to grab some HEAT BUCKS before the show, they’re the official currency of Aussie Heat.