Aussie Heat brings a show like no other to the Las Vegas Strip!

We are Aussie Heat! In early 2015, after establishing ourselves as Australia’s #1 highest-profile male strip show, we made the call and decided to take our electrifying, innovative, next-level production to the world’s greatest and most sought after “stage” – the Las Vegas Strip.

Armed with an All-Star cast of Australia’s highest-skilled break dancers / poppers / freestyle and hip hop dancers, all chiseled with rock-hard bronzed, down-under bodies, in July 2015, we exploded into the D Hotel Showroom on Freemont St. in Las Vegas with a 7-show-per-week residency.

It didn’t take long for the word to spread that we were the new-age, revolutionary “dancers that CAN strip – not strippers that CAN’T dance.” Aussie Heat had arrived and we were on our way to being rated the #1 Adult Show in Las Vegas.

After only 3 months Downtown, the bright lights of the Vegas main strip welcomed us to the V2 Theatre Miracle Mile – Planet Hollywood. Performing 5 shows at 10:30pm weekly – the V2 is the perfect venue for any bachelorette party, girls night out or any excuse for a wild Vegas night out. It is intimate, cozy and best of all, you have the opportunity to get up close with every performer during the show! With Aussie Heat, we ensure that you are not only watching the production, but you are a huge part of it.

  •   I love the show because it is entertaining, yes, these guys can dance and do a lot of variety of dancing. They're really amazing, you'd watch it and it is quite a small theatre which provides an intimate experience. For a birthday party in Vegas or downtime, I absolutely come back to the show with Aussie Bucks this time for some lap dance. It keeps hygiene and also the VIP meet and greet is not so bad after all.

    This is the best strip show in Vegas so far.

    thumb Bryan T.
  •   I'm proud to say I got my first ever lapdance lol - actually three!! -  after tonight. I really enjoyed the show - guys' bodies were great and I enjoyed how they went out in the audience to interact with people, especially us gays! I've been acknowledged with just a "thank you for coming to the show" at previous male revues, so to actually be able to feel a guy's muscles and get a lapdance was great.

    That being said, I think the guys could have interacted with a bit more people when going out in the audience; it would have been nice to get up close and *ahem* personal with each of them. Also, they wear slim-fitting jeans during the lapdances so A) trying to shove Aussie dollars down their pants was hard and B) you can't um...feel anything being pressed against you lol

    While the dance moves were really really impressive, I felt that there could have been a little bit more of an actual cohesive show. It would almost be better for them to charge $20 more and have the guys solely give lapdances wearing less clothes lol (even elastic workout pants would be better)

    All in all, I would rank this show just below chippendales but way higher than thunder down under. This show has restored my faith in Australians and them welcoming gays to their shows

    thumb Joel S.
  •   I don't know how this place doesn't have more reviews, but honestly, this is THE show to see if you want to see some studs do their thing on stage and/or on your lap. This review is also coming from somebody who's never been to any type of strip show; I loved it and felt so comfortable being involved that I insist this be the best you're gonna get in Vegas from male strippers. Just as the other reviews say, this show is HIGHLY interactive, which is why I strongly recommend it/chose to buy the VIP package without a doubt.

    I got the VIP ticket [this included a meet and greet with the guys, front row seats, and a free drink from the bar] from which saved me a few bucks, though if you do that instead of buying the ticket from their site, you forgo the option being picked up from your hotel. I chose this show among many others because I'd rather be a part of this action than just idly stare from a distance...what happens in Vegas, am I right? These guys are very professional, kind, and highly intuitive. I got to the meet and greet a bit late, yet they still let me have pictures with the guys and treated me no differently. And once I stepped into the private room [which by the way is full of stripper poles, haha], I got a bit overwhelmed by the number of hugs and names being thrown at me. I didn't say anything, but they noticed my discomfort and hugs got less, they slowed down and started shaking my hand instead. Of course, once it came time to take pictures, I eased up, and they encouraged me to "grab some skin." When you take pictures with these guys don't be shy, you have the option to do naughty style poses! It's so much fun, and they get rather creative with it, but they never force anything on you, you get the option to initiate that if you'd like.

    Before the show starts, you're also given the option to buy Aussie bucks if you want a bit more attention, which means more lap dances. I bought 10 Aussie bucks and sadly didn't get to use 3 of them because it was a full house, but hey, it's a great system for sanitary reasons and creative having their tagline be "wave em high, stuff em low." Wave em to get attention, stuff them as a reward. Giggity.

    When you're seated, the stagehand will come to you and tell you that they sometimes ask for volunteers for games and such and asks if you'd be comfortable going to the stage. Despite it being my first time attending these types of shows I don't have stage fright, so I excitedly offered to be a part of one of the games. The game I went up for involved 3 volunteers which Adam, the MC, looks out for in the crowd, he will come down and let you introduce yourself, asks what the occasion is, and then he walks you up to the stage. Once up there 3 guys come out and stand behind you, and then it's BODY SHOT TIME, but there's a catch: now YOU'RE the one who gets to entertain the audience!

    A couch of a sort is put on stage, the guy pulls out the shot, and you're asked "head, chest, or penis?" as in where the shot should go. Again, this is why I'm advocating Aussie-- you have the option to make the show yours! The MC breaks down three rules at the start of this all, one of which YOU CAN touch, spank, even lick the guys... I know, it's a bit much, but where else can you do that? And if they're alright with it then...why not? I asked the guy I performed with (or on?) if he's really okay with being touched [I'm not going to reveal his entire name, but shoutout to K!] and he was, so I went to town. I chose chest [and told the crowd to "wait for it"] and he spilled some of the drink on himself, but what I did after made me get some wild cheers and a vote for crowd favorite which landed me an Aussie Heat shot glass for the road. Never in my days have I done anything like that, but I'm glad it was done here because I felt it alright to be myself [no recording of any kind is allowed], confident, sexy, and accepted.

    This made an incredible last night in Vegas; better than anything planned.

    To recap, this isn't really a show, it's an experience that you CANNOT miss. You have the option to simply watch or actively participate to your own comfort level. The guys are great looking [and their skin is so soft, wtf how?!] intuitive, kind, and professional. Their acts are well choreographed, they give you the time if you want it without discrimination [there was a couple of two men behind me who also got lap dances without any problems], and you'll be left with great memories which will have you referring to the saying "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

    20/10 would bang-- er, excuse me, would recommend. O:)

    thumb Serge M.
  •   Great Show! Highly recommended:) Atmosphere was fun! Make sure to grab drinks at Blondies Bar right outside before and after. Aussie boys RULE!

    thumb Gigi G.
  •   Aussies and accents -- what more could you ask for?! Definite must for bachelorette parties, birthdays, or just for fun! I love how hands on and interactive the show and dancers are so you'll enjoy it no matter what. It's super intimate which means more hunks for the audience. And not to mention, inclusive, so boys can join in on the fun too! Wasn't quite ready to brave the stage but still had a great time in our seats! Don't forget to get yourself some Aussie dollars for some personal attention.

    thumb Michelle I.
  •   As a gay man, I was a little leery about attending another male strip show because I felt I would not get any attention from the strippers and therefore, would not truly enjoy the full experience as my female counterparts would.  Boy was I wrong!

    My girlfriend and I purchased VIP tickets to the show which provided us a pre-show meet and greet, a picture opportunity, a free cocktail, and front row seats!  If you want the ultimate experience, I highly recommend VIP tickets!

    When we arrived we met Adam, the show's hot MC.  Adam welcomed us with a great big smile and introduced us to the guys. Each one of the Aussie Heat men made us feel extremely welcomed! As we lined up to take a picture, I immediately thought the men would show some homophobic tendencies.  Again, I WAS WRONG!  Jayden put his arm around me and leaned in close for the picture.  There's nothing I respect more than a straight man who is very confident in his sexuality, and the Aussie Heat men did not disappoint!

    During the show I waived my Aussie dollars and had three different hot hunks give me a lap dance.  My only regret is that I had to share the men with the other attendees.  ARGH!  The highlight of my experience was when Adam called me onstage along with two other female audience members.  This showed me how inclusive and accepting the Aussie Heat men are of their gay male fans. And again, the men treated me exactly the same as they treated the females who were on the stage with me.

    As the show came to an end, Adam announced that the men would be hanging out at a bar on the first floor. So, my girlfriend and I went to the bar.  To our surprise, several of the Aussie Heat men came over and chatted us up including Naveen, the tour manager, and Adam, the MC. It was there that I experienced how genuinely nice and down to earth these men are.  

    Naveen, you are too cool!  And, if ever you get your own comedy gig, I would definitely go check it out!  Adam, you hot hunk, you can talk my ears off in that Aussie accent any ol' time!!!

    To all the Aussie Heat men, you guys are awesome!  Thank you for making this gay man feel so welcomed!

    #aussieheatLV  #bestshowever  #gayfriendly

    thumb Bernie B.
  •   The performance was amazing. The guys were friendly, hot, and very interactive. All around if you're young... old ... a bachelorette... a gay guy you will have a blast!!! Thank you Aussie Heat!

    thumb Josh F.
  •   It was a lot of fun!!!! 😀 I just wish the show was a bit longer. Other than that, my hats off to you boys. Thank you for putting on a great show. XOXOX

    thumb Jasmine S.
  •   What a show!  It's entertaining from start to finish and you won't be able to wipe the smile off your face for hours after!  The moves are raunchy yet tasteful, their dance moves will leave you breathless - better than any dance comp show on TV!  One of the best nights of pure entertainment you will ever have in Vegas or anywhere for that matter and I have seen shows of all kinds around the world during my travels.  This is one I will come back to again and again when I am back!  Do yourself a favor and do not hesitate!  I was so disappointed with Cirque du Soleil's 'O', and Aussie Heat more than made up for it 10 times over!!! Thank you!

    thumb Moon G.
  •   I went to this show for the first time a month ago and already went a second time this weekend. All I have to say is this show is without a doubt a must go!
      I was nervous they would recognize me and think I was a loser lol and they did indeed remember me from before but I felt like anything but a loser. They REMEMBERED me. Why? Cuz these actually take the time to get to know you. They're all so sweet and ridiculously beautiful chiseled men!
      I payed for the vip meet and greet both times because it's only 20-30 more and with that you get front row PLUS a free drink (highly recommend the brain teaser it's so yummy)! But the showroom is so small and intimate that no matter where you sit you're in a great seat and these guys give love to everybody!
      This second time I brought my gay best friend. We went to thunder from down under as well but let me just say, the way they treat everybody the same really makes a difference. You'll see both guys and girls on stage and both guys and girls getting a lo dance. Probably the only show I've seen that does this. It made a huge difference for us because we both equally had the night of our lives. Kudos to all these guys that don't come off as uncomfortable or unhappy when giving love to the guys too. Thenk you for keeping the same fun vibe steady!
      Def recommend buying Aussie dollars before the show, the dances are worth every penny lol.
      The dances are awesome, the show content is super funny. You'll be entertained from start to finish. The mc Adam is such a sweetheart! Even if you go on stage and make a sticky fool of yourself, he will keep you feeling beautiful and special. Also Ben (guy who cleans houses naked (joke understood if you've seen the show) is so ridiculously awesome. Not only will he get to know you but he will charm his way into your heart. He is a character and has such a great personality for this.
      All in all I'm so upset I waited so long to see this show and I am now adding this to my ritual of shows I must see every month I come down here.
      Also a shout out to the girl who's running the props and stage during show time. Talked to her after the show and she like everybody else is sweet and makes you happy to be there.

    thumb Brianna B.

This show is everything you hope and fantasize it’s going to be and more…and more and more and more!

– Meg M. Brooklyn, NY
Be sure to grab some HEAT BUCKS before the show, they’re the official currency of Aussie Heat.