Aussie Heat brings a show like no other to the Las Vegas Strip!

We are Aussie Heat! In early 2015, after establishing ourselves as Australia’s #1 highest-profile male strip show, we made the call and decided to take our electrifying, innovative, next-level production to the world’s greatest and most sought after “stage” – the Las Vegas Strip.

Armed with an All-Star cast of Australia’s highest-skilled break dancers / poppers / freestyle and hip hop dancers, all chiseled with rock-hard bronzed, down-under bodies, in July 2015, we exploded into the D Hotel Showroom on Freemont St. in Las Vegas with a 7-show-per-week residency.

It didn’t take long for the word to spread that we were the new-age, revolutionary “dancers that CAN strip – not strippers that CAN’T dance.” Aussie Heat had arrived and we were on our way to being rated the #1 Adult Show in Las Vegas.

After only 3 months Downtown, the bright lights of the Vegas main strip welcomed us to the V2 Theatre Miracle Mile – Planet Hollywood.Performing 5 shows at 10:30pm weekly – the V2 is the perfect venue for any bachelorette party, girls night out or any excuse for a wild Vegas night out. It is intimate, cozy and best of all, you have the opportunity to get up close with every performer during the show! With Aussie Heat, we ensure that you are not only watching the production, but you are a huge part of it.

  •   The best male stripper show in vegas period .
    Not uptight like the other big ones on the strip .. Super cool , chill , very friendly and very interactive, ( if u catch my drift)
    Aussie heat is awesome !! Super hot!! Go see them now !! You will have a great time !!

    thumb Anne M.
  •   10/10 My friends and I decided to go to Vegas for a girls trip and while I was planning, I came across aussie heat on Groupon and figured why not. Let me say, that was the best decision that I have made this year. The theatre itself is in the shopping area of planet hollywood, it's a pretty small theatre which is perfect because no matter where you sit, you're close to the stage and can see everything!!! My friends and I sat in the back and had the time of our lives, don't think that getting ga tickets and sitting in the back will exclude you, the three of us got seven lap dances total. They make sure that everyone is included. I don't want to spoil anything but the show was amazing. I would pay double what I paid to see them again. We decided that we will go every time we go to Vegas. The guys are funny, beautiful, and very nice. The host is funny yet also very cute. I went in pretty shy and I decided that I didn't want a lap dance but my friends were not having it and called them over anyways. Although I was hesitant, it honestly changed my life. By the third lap dance, I was licking the guy lol. My friend was so into it that she got motorboated. Only 3/6 of my group went and the ones that didn't go deeply regretted it. Go.

    thumb Desiree N.
  •   So much fun, it's a great small theatre. Dancers are fun. The show is well produced. The guys are all having fun. It's raunchy in the best way. I'm so glad I finally saw it. Saw all the other male shows and this is the best because you will actually get some Aussie heat for yourself. At Chippendales you never get a chance to go on stage... At Aussie heat you just might because it's such an intimate venue. Feels like Magic Mike!

    thumb Bridget C.
  •   These Aussie hotties are mind blowing and know how to give an unforgettable performance. Definitely worth the price the get preferred and VIP seats because there's plenty of interaction throughout the show. Buy your Aussie bucks to get up close and personal 🙂 I'll be making plans to visit again very soon!

    thumb Lydia N.
  •   This is such a great show to attend with friends, especially for special occasions. They like to pull people on stage who usually are celebrating something, and i mean what better to way to celebrate but by getting your girlfriend grinded on by tan muscular Australian men! The performers are all so attractive and great dancers that even from the back of the room if you dont at some point get a lap dance you're still entertained. After every show they have an after party at the restaurant across the way with free alcohol for people who attended the show. Here you really get to meet and talk to all of the men. They are all just as nice as they are good looking!

    thumb Myka S.
  •   I came here for a girls night out and WE. HAD. A. BLAST!!! I bought a Groupon for this and it was worth every penny. The guys were all muscular and attractive and the little skits had everyone excited 😛 They do sell Aussie Dollars which basically guarantee you a lap dance, but all the guys are pretty generous with sharing the love even if you don't buy the Aussie Dollars. The venue was also pretty small so everyone had a great seat because there's only like 6 rows of chairs, I loved the intimate setting. They don't serve any drinks in the actual showroom but they do have drinks outside the showroom so drink up while you're waiting for the show to start. The show was also SUPER gay friendly! There were a few gay men in the audience and I saw one guy getting multiple lap dances (without Aussie Dollars mind you) and one guy was chosen to go onto stage for some extra loving!!
    All around, this was just a GREAT show and I would 100% recommend it to everyone going to Vegas and I will definitely be coming back!!

    thumb Leona R.
  •   this place is the best! oh my god! i took my hubby to see some gentlemen get down and shake some booty! We were in for a surprise! Too much heat! these gentlemen are gorgeous and dripping heat! we were all over it! These guys took us out of vegas and into wonderland. we enjoyed ourselves way more than we thought we would. this experience was out the world, super wild, exotic, and fun!!!! i can wait to come back to vegas so i can see this show again!!! ps thanks adam! you are sooo gorgeous!

    thumb Balak N.
  •   I always come back to see this show, it never gets old and it seems the guys get hotter lol... i will be back here in the next week again! The guys are all over the place and all over every audience member! love love love~!

    thumb Veronica M.
  •   This is a FANTASTIC show! I saw this show and Magic Mike within the same week and hands down this one is my favorite! The guys are all very talented dancers, high energy, and SUPER HOT!!!!!!!!!!! This show emphasizes audience participation (and it's obvious the ladies they call up are REAL audience members not plants). I didn't know before I saw this show how much of a thing I had for Australian guys, but trust me they're definitely worth the ticket price. There's an option to buy fake money before the show called Aussie Dollars which you can give to the guys and they will give you a more "up close and personal performance". It's definitely worth it and I suggest it. I had never received a lap dance before, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I must say they're very good. I managed to get three lap dances in one night, and they make sure to give as many ladies in the audience attention as possible. It's obvious that they enjoy what they do and want to be there, and they smell great too! Even the host Adam performs in the show! You are also allowed to touch the dancers as long as you follow the rules the host tells you at the start (mainly don't hurt them obviously), which most shows do not allow. The host is funny and keeps your attention, and doesn't distract from the show at all. Music selection is mostly contemporary hip hop/rap/pop with some older tracks mixed in from a few different genres. I cannot recommend this show enough for a bachelorette party, birthday, or just to have a good time with your friends. If I'm able to I'll definitely be back again in the future with friends.

    thumb E A.
  •   Best show. Seriously! Don't waste your money on Thunder or Chippendales. Those boys just put on a theatrical show where as Aussie Heat interacts with their audience and know what they are doing! I've seen them 3 times and each time seems to get better and better. I've sent many of my friends to check them out and they all rave about how much fun they had.

    thumb Macee L.

This show is everything you hope and fantasize it’s going to be and more…and more and more and more!

– Meg M. Brooklyn, NY
Be sure to grab some HEAT BUCKS before the show, they’re the official currency of Aussie Heat.