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As seen on Australia’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance, the guys take your fantasy to the next level and dance their way into your heart!

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  •   These guys are phenomenal. Best and Hottest show ever. Each one of them showcases different exquisite talents with of course, booming hotness and charm. Brought my big sis with me and they made our chairs wet through the whole show. My big sis didn’t wanna...More

    thumb Creiz A
  •   Went to see this show on Sunday and I must say that these hot Aussies did not disappoint. Not only they are good looking and sexy, but they can also dance!! The lap dances and the break dance, oh my. Me and my girls made...More

    thumb Fatima_Faye
  •   Visited my Aussies back in March- Had my wedding April. I still admit to my husband i preferred the Aussies over the wedding day! HA! We had the VIP experience and it was worth it 100x over, the guys are so nice, funny and all...More

    thumb Jesse Z
  •   Holy hell are these guys fit! The bodies, the accents, the music, the audience participation. It’s just so good beginning to end! Our faces hurt from smiling and laughing so much. Must see Vegas show!!

    thumb Fellyken
  •   I’ve visited Las Vegas four times over the past 8 years. I’ve seen both Chippendales and Thunder from Down Under. But now that I’ve seen Aussie Heat (on Thursday June 14, 2018) I won’t be going back to their competitors as Aussie Heat is the...More

    thumb chakrampro
  •   I have been to see the guys perform 3 times and every time I leave smiling. The performers genuinely seem like lovely people, and because of the small venue everyone gets to interact and get up close and personal! Talented, SEXY😍, and so much fun!...More

    thumb gillytoffy
  •   Overall: Aussie Heat runs Thursday to Sunday at 10:30 pm in the V Theater at Planet Hollywood. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend going to watch these men. They are absolutely inclusive, and made me feel welcome as a male, and I truly appreciated that they treated...More

    thumb jupiter64
  •   Very intimate and fun! The guys are so sexy and talented. Everyone had a great time and I’d recommend to any women visiting Las Vegas!!!

    thumb Andrea K
  •   This is my favorite show! Such a good time, seen it twice already and will continue to go! So much fun! Go for Bach weekend, birthday, or even go just cuz it’s thursday! You will not be disappointed and tell EVERYONE you know! LOVE THIS...More

    thumb Meagan W
  •   I saw Aussie Heat for the second time on Sunday, September 9th 2018. They remembered my mom and I from the last time we came. I highly recommend the show. The guys are amazing dancers and absolutely the sweetest group of men. They go out...More

    thumb Crystal T

  •   This is seriously one of the best experiences in Vegas! Not only is the show fun, sexy, and witty, but some of these guys can really DANCE! Oh yeah, and they're Australian!... and hot...  and the sweetest group of guys you ever did meet off the stage too. I highly recommend seeing this show! It's my favorite thing to bring my friends to.

    thumb Tawny D.
  •   I saw the show a couple weeks ago during a birthday weekend with my girlfriends and we had an unforgettable time watching these guys.  They just exude sex appeal naturally and put on a titillating performance.  The show is cheeky, fun and very sexy (as if that isn't obvious).  I love that they are so interactive with the entire audience and give everyone an opportunity to participate.  You will have an unbelievable time watching their provocative dance moves & flawless chiseled bodies.  The performances are clever, funny, and seductive.  We took a photo with them and got to hangout a bit after the show.  They're very down to earth and easy to get along with.  And if you still need more convincing, I fully admit that I used to think Chippendales was my fave, but now I'm all about Aussie Heat.  Thanks for the great show and fun memories guys.  Hope to catch another show soon.

    thumb Sarah W.
  •   While I lived in Vegas for over 20 years, I am not a person to attends this variety of show regularly, so I was not sure what to expect. This show was Very good - the theater was small and provided for very good view not mater where you sat. The content was light and fun, the interaction with audience was plentiful and done in a very tasteful manner, very respectful to the audience while extremely fun and entertaining. The guys are very fit athletes and super friendly - and you get to meet them and take pictures with them after the show. Very friendly and down to earth, I definitely recommend this show! We had a blast!

    thumb Julia G.
  •   Raunchy.  2 of the guys are buff, the others are nothing special.  Yeah, a few of them can break dance.  The show was very repetitious, so I guess if you just want to get some lap dances (more money), this may be the show for you.  Audience participation is a large part of it and I'll admit I was stunned and embarrassed for the 21-year-old birthday girl who,with her mother laughing the whole time, reenacted doggie-style sex with a huge penis.

    thumb Sherri S.
  •   Went for the show yesterday. They are really handsome and interactive, inspiring you to be in good shape as well. Make sure you are open to it, I was too shy earlier and regretted it later when I got some blast. Will definitely go again!!!

    thumb Jiaying W.
  •   DON'T LEAVE VEGAS UNTIL YOU SEE THIS SHOW! OMG Aussie Heat defines Vegas! The show is sooo classy and hot at the same time, I don't know how they do it, but you girls (and guys!) should find out for yourselves. If you have anything to celebrate, or just want to have a good, fun time, this is it. The host, Adam, is sooo friendly and recognizes everyone in the audience. You really do feel like you are involved in the show. It's so interactive, so be prepared to scream your heart out lol.

    They welcome everybody, and they make you feel special. I have seen this show three times, and I'm looking forward to more.

    Tip: dress to impress! You never know, they might invite you on stage 😉

    Drinks are offered as well. I'm telling you, everything you need is right here. Such a great entertainment!

    thumb Genevieve S.
  •   I came to celebrate girlfriend's 37th b-day. Aussie Heat was a great entertainment, the show was entertaining from start to finish. All of us had unforgettable fun times! We laughed, danced, and screamed till our voice was gone.. LoL!

    The guys are friendly, fun and in a very good looking body shapes. Plenty of interaction throughout the show, thumbs up to the MC that brought the audience always engaged & involved. Before the show start, I bought $20 for $30 Aussie Heat's currency for tipping the guys... use it wisely, cuz' you want to get lap dances from all of them, ha!

    Will definitely come again next time!
    Aussie..Aussie..Aussie... Oi Oi Oi!! 😉

    thumb I A.
  •   If your low on budget, then this is the show for you... otherwise splurge, have a great time and take a chance of seeing Channing Tatum & see the hottest guys on the strip, MAGIC MIKE LIVE!!! Otherwise if you like the store brand label (Kroger, Walmart) of male review to save a dollar or two, go for it!... if your not with a large party of bachelorette girls or hot sexy girls then there eyes aren't on you, no matter how many bucks you buy... if your interested in young boys to entertain you then go right for it, I prefer someone who appears to look over the age of 30 and can dance, these guys well are nearly all off beat and appear to always count there steps... your best bet to better enjoy your vegas experience is see the well viewed & highly entertaining show like chippendale or better yet Magic Mike!

    thumb Marissa S.
  •   WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!! Very interactive! I definitely recommend getting the Aussie dollars, my sister in law and I did not but it would of been worth it! But one of the guys did come by and see us on the last segment, so don't get pressured into it if you don't want to spend the extra $$... SO MUCH FUN!!!!

    thumb Shelby D.
  •   **this is a 10 star review** AMAZING!

    Stop everything you're planning and get yourself to this show immediately. In town for a Bachelorette weekend, we last minute decided our 14 person party needed to hang out with some half naked males. Not easy finding that many seats together day of, but luckily our amazing concierge at the Venetian steered us in the oh so right direction of Aussie Heat.

    1. These guys are gorgeous. All of them. Every single one.
    2. There is a ton of audience involvement in the best way possible. This show is raunchy and fun, and definitely hands on (read the tag line... know what you're going to). But these guys are also very aware of the comfort level of the audience members, and seemed to already know the members of our group that were more happy just to watch.
    3. Very gay friendly! They don't care who you are, or where you're from. (Sorry not sorry for the BSB reference.. When you see their boyband style dance moves you'll appreciate it). Our gay friend was with us, and I can not stress enough how welcomed he felt at the show (this was so so great to see, and unfortunately not true of other shows in the area).
    4. These guys have some serious skills. They'll make you laugh and smile the whole show, and their dance moves are just impressive and so fun to watch.
    5. If you're in town for a party or event, pay for the meet and greet before the show. You get to hang out with all the performers before the show...I don't think that needs more explanation. Plus, they remembered most of our names during and after the show. Hott.
    6. The theater is pretty small. We got to sit up front with our VIP tickets, but you'll have a great view wherever you sit.
    7. Buy the "bucks" . You want the bucks.
    8. Get a picture after the show. It's only $10, and goes to a great cause. These guys are awesome.
    9. Go to the bar after the show! All these beautiful men will be there mingling and handing out shots. They're super nice guys, and you can tell they have a lot of fun.
    10. Accents. That one should be obvious.

    Soooo. Sexiness, Aussies, stripping, dancing... Honestly, I don't know why you're still reading this review. Go buy tickets. Now. You're welcome 😉

    thumb Alyssa M.