The Hype Is Real

As seen on Australia’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance, the guys take your fantasy to the next level and dance their way into your heart!

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  •   They really tried their best to entertain everyone in the audience, extremely nice but professional at the same time. They don't discriminate anyone, they pulled up people from different size, age, ethnicity, and even gender on the stage. Gay friendly.

    thumb dontebrian
  •   Best male show ever!! The men were great and very easy on the eyes 😍🔥 We had so much fun at Aussie Heat, would definitely recommend!

    thumb Aly P
  •   It’s hot. It’s heated. It’s guys with accents. You can’t go wrong!! Great night out with the girls to celebrate being single and sexy!

    thumb Daliyce C
  •   I had a blast! My first male review and these guys did not disappoint. All of them were so hot and entertaining. Me and my friend had a great time. I loved the guy with the red hair “marathon” ; definitely an experience I won’t...More

    thumb Toni M
  •   Went to see this show while on holiday in Vegas and all I can say is wow. I’ll be honest was very sceptical as had seen these type of shows before and all they consisted of was hot guys dancing and flexing.. 😴😴😴 boring!! But...More

    thumb Venture324207
  •   WOW!!! A must see!! These guys were AMAZING! A must if you want to see some talented guys, and get a personal experience. Great dancers, great moves, and very strong group of men! My favorite was Simon and his breakdancing moves, not to mention his...More

    thumb alik35257
  •   With fantastic Auzzie humour, some sexy Auzzie bum action what more could you want in a late night Vegas show!! Loved the chance to mingle with the guys after the show who were all so sweet!! Had such a great time! Highly recommend for bachelorette...More

    thumb Cassie M
  •   This is the best show if this type in Vegas. Skip Chippendales, skip Magic Mike. These guys have the best show. I've been to all of them, and I can honestly say that these guys are the nicest, most entertaining, etc. See the show!

    thumb iver0185
  •   The boys are rather cute and do some very impressive dance moves. Go check them out. Muscles everywhere.

    thumb Eris G
  •   The Aussie Heat show was really good! The bboy skills these guys have is unreal! The host is hilarious, the guys have skills, the acts are creative, choreography is good and they give hella lapdances. I was impressed. I'd definitely recommend it!

    thumb allizenjames

  •   The personal connection is felt the second they hit the stage.  Well choreographed, highly skilled gymnastics on tight sculpted Aussie Hunks.   The show is hands on .   Everyone feels included in the shows performance.   The talented dancers make there way around the room a number of times.  With music and lights the excitement builds,  Over and Over again.   There is nothing like having an Aussie Hunk giving you or your best friend a lap dance and the fragrance of John Varvartos - Artisan dripping off there Abs will send you to heaven and back.   After the show you can get yourself a cold drink at Blondies and a Free shot from the Cast of Aussie Heat.  The whole night is like a treat to your senses.  Touch, Taste and Smells of Aussie Heat on your hands.- Oie , Oie Oie

    thumb Frank B.
  •   Excellent show! The men are very crowd intensive! This is totally a show for anyone who's had that craving to see the real Magic Mike, but BETTER. They're so talented, amazing dancers and tricks that are... wow. a must see show for sure!!

    thumb Danelle C.
  •   Who doesn't love Australian men?? I took my friend to go see this for his birthday and we absolutely loved it! Very hands on. Small venue so any seat is pretty close to the stage. We had general admission and the guys came up to us multiple times. If you're shy and don't want near naked guys touching you, this may not be the show for you. You can also buy Aussie bucks to stick in the dancers' pants and that will get them over to you for a dance. There are multiple chances of you getting to go up on stage and enjoy one on one attention. Definitely a good girls night out.

    thumb Echo B.
  •   I came here for a girls night out and WE. HAD. A. BLAST!!! I bought a Groupon for this and it was worth every penny. The guys were all muscular and attractive and the little skits had everyone excited 😛 They do sell Aussie Dollars which basically guarantee you a lap dance, but all the guys are pretty generous with sharing the love even if you don't buy the Aussie Dollars. The venue was also pretty small so everyone had a great seat because there's only like 6 rows of chairs, I loved the intimate setting. They don't serve any drinks in the actual showroom but they do have drinks outside the showroom so drink up while you're waiting for the show to start. The show was also SUPER gay friendly! There were a few gay men in the audience and I saw one guy getting multiple lap dances (without Aussie Dollars mind you) and one guy was chosen to go onto stage for some extra loving!!
    All around, this was just a GREAT show and I would 100% recommend it to everyone going to Vegas and I will definitely be coming back!!

    thumb Leona R.
  •   We went here for my bachelorette party and had a blast with my girls. Everyone in my party lost their voice from screaming. Not only are their moves sexy, the show itself was very entertaining and funny. Major props to Adam, the sexy MC!

    Definitely a must see when going to Vegas! It was one of the biggest highlights of my bachelorette weekend. These men are smoking HOTTTT. I could not look them in the eye when talking to them. Thank goodness I was mostly drunk.

    Went to the bar downstairs afterwards to hang out with the guys and they bought us shots. They're all very friendly and down to Earth guys. 10 out of 10 would recommend friends to go see them.

    thumb Stephanie L.
  •   this place is the best! oh my god! i took my hubby to see some gentlemen get down and shake some booty! We were in for a surprise! Too much heat! these gentlemen are gorgeous and dripping heat! we were all over it! These guys took us out of vegas and into wonderland. we enjoyed ourselves way more than we thought we would. this experience was out the world, super wild, exotic, and fun!!!! i can wait to come back to vegas so i can see this show again!!! ps thanks adam! you are sooo gorgeous!

    thumb Balak N.
  •   Mmmm so so, they are all sweethearts.. ( 5 of them and plus one for the good looking host who probably talked and talked my ears off) sorry guy. I just felt that there was not much entertainment and the girls were just picked individually for us to watch them get an okay lap dance. I also didnt feel comfortable that some of gay guys didnt get that dance they were suppose to get with the dummy dollars they purchased plus they were seated in the very back, mmmmnot fair for them. I thought there would be some sort of diversity . Also i think the guys should also invest in some of their uniforms so they can dressed up better with the stripping clothes .the clothes seem to be some older board shorts and too much jeans. The guys are all nice but all of them seem young they cant be old but they should have at least a good age group. Its good but it ain't Chip#%$dles. I'm afraid this will be my first and last. Its still good so please dont take much of my word for it. Check it out yourself. Aussie Aussie Aussie ....Oy Oy Oui!

    thumb Jennifer F.
  •   Wow I mean wow! As a man in my prime I felt invigorated after leaving. Despite finding chest hair attractive. Since I have so much myself the smooth chests and smooth moves left me feel like maybe it's time for a wax appointment. The show is great and you will leave with a smile.

    thumb Candido L.
  •   Best show. Seriously! Don't waste your money on Thunder or Chippendales. Those boys just put on a theatrical show where as Aussie Heat interacts with their audience and know what they are doing! I've seen them 3 times and each time seems to get better and better. I've sent many of my friends to check them out and they all rave about how much fun they had.

    thumb Macee L.
  •   I went to this show for the first time a month ago and already went a second time this weekend. All I have to say is this show is without a doubt a must go!
      I was nervous they would recognize me and think I was a loser lol and they did indeed remember me from before but I felt like anything but a loser. They REMEMBERED me. Why? Cuz these actually take the time to get to know you. They're all so sweet and ridiculously beautiful chiseled men!
      I payed for the vip meet and greet both times because it's only 20-30 more and with that you get front row PLUS a free drink (highly recommend the brain teaser it's so yummy)! But the showroom is so small and intimate that no matter where you sit you're in a great seat and these guys give love to everybody!
      This second time I brought my gay best friend. We went to thunder from down under as well but let me just say, the way they treat everybody the same really makes a difference. You'll see both guys and girls on stage and both guys and girls getting a lo dance. Probably the only show I've seen that does this. It made a huge difference for us because we both equally had the night of our lives. Kudos to all these guys that don't come off as uncomfortable or unhappy when giving love to the guys too. Thenk you for keeping the same fun vibe steady!
      Def recommend buying Aussie dollars before the show, the dances are worth every penny lol.
      The dances are awesome, the show content is super funny. You'll be entertained from start to finish. The mc Adam is such a sweetheart! Even if you go on stage and make a sticky fool of yourself, he will keep you feeling beautiful and special. Also Ben (guy who cleans houses naked (joke understood if you've seen the show) is so ridiculously awesome. Not only will he get to know you but he will charm his way into your heart. He is a character and has such a great personality for this.
      All in all I'm so upset I waited so long to see this show and I am now adding this to my ritual of shows I must see every month I come down here.
      Also a shout out to the girl who's running the props and stage during show time. Talked to her after the show and she like everybody else is sweet and makes you happy to be there.

    thumb Brianna B.