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As seen on Australia’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance, the guys take your fantasy to the next level and dance their way into your heart!

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  •   Went to see this show on Sunday and I must say that these hot Aussies did not disappoint. Not only they are good looking and sexy, but they can also dance!! The lap dances and the break dance, oh my. Me and my girls made...More

    thumb Fatima_Faye
  •   Amazing show!! A MUST see!! Love the men!! One of the best Male reviews I have ever seen!! Ladies, don't delay...GO!!

    thumb ewingmickey
  •   With fantastic Auzzie humour, some sexy Auzzie bum action what more could you want in a late night Vegas show!! Loved the chance to mingle with the guys after the show who were all so sweet!! Had such a great time! Highly recommend for bachelorette...More

    thumb Cassie M
  •   If you want to see a group of sexy men who can ACTUALLY dance, check out Aussie Heat. The venue is the perfect size for them to give attention to everyone in the audience, and they're won't leave anyone out! Regardless of age, size, shape,...More

    thumb mwhelan73
  •   I had a blast! My first male review and these guys did not disappoint. All of them were so hot and entertaining. Me and my friend had a great time. I loved the guy with the red hair “marathon” ; definitely an experience I won’t...More

    thumb Toni M
  •   Visited my Aussies back in March- Had my wedding April. I still admit to my husband i preferred the Aussies over the wedding day! HA! We had the VIP experience and it was worth it 100x over, the guys are so nice, funny and all...More

    thumb Jesse Z
  •   Overall: Aussie Heat runs Thursday to Sunday at 10:30 pm in the V Theater at Planet Hollywood. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend going to watch these men. They are absolutely inclusive, and made me feel welcome as a male, and I truly appreciated that they treated...More

    thumb jupiter64
  •   Fantastic! Everyone is welcome to romp with these smoking hot, totally fun guys. So talented, gay friendly. I had a blast!

    thumb Relax821095
  •   Wow this show is hot! HOT aussie men who can really dance. My favorite parts of the show is the personal attention they give you in the audience. My friends and I all got lap dances and one got to participate on stage and won...More

    thumb Emilysings2
  •   Very intimate and fun! The guys are so sexy and talented. Everyone had a great time and I’d recommend to any women visiting Las Vegas!!!

    thumb Andrea K

  •   AMAZING, SEXY, and FUN, FUN, FUN!!!  We surprised our cousin with a bachelorette party at Aussie Heat. We chose this show based on its reviews and were not disappointed. Aussie Heat was exciting, energetic and funny. This show had seriously hot men who were ridiculously talented dancers. The show is performed in a small venue so almost every seat is pretty good. To make the most of your experience, definitely splurge for the VIP seating which comes with a meet and greet/photo op before the show. This is a very interactive show so be prepared to get up close and personal.  Our cousin was even chosen to participate up on stage. You can also buy Aussie dollars to lure them over and are encouraged to "Wave them high and stuff them low".  What really make this show stand out are the sexy, friendly Aussies and how they relate to the audience. We really enjoyed the whole experience. Aussie Heat was the highlight of our weekend in Vegas.

    thumb Chris W.
  •   These guys are professional entertainers and first rate dancers who have an abundance of charm and energy, and yes, are sizzling hot. It was apparent that each dancer on stage looked genuinely happy to be there, and worked hard to entertain the audience - You can tell from the roar of the audience that everyone was having a great time!

    I was on a solo trip to Vegas last weekend, and had a free Sunday evening and wanted to check out a male revue show for the first time. As a solo gay male, I was a little nervous at the idea of attending a male revue show typically marketed to hetero females; would I be welcomed or made to feel uncomfortable? Let me summarize and assure you that Aussie Heat is very inclusive and made sure the entertainment was for all!

    I did a quick search on reviews and after reading some abysmal ones for other Vegas male revue shows (*cough* Magic Mike *cough*), I read many praised Aussie Heat so I bit the bullet and bought a ticket. The show is in Planet Hollywood's Miracle Mile mall in the smaller V Theater. I bought my ticket via Groupon; once you have your order, you call the box office to give your redemption code and are then asked to come down to the theater to pick up your ticket. If you arrive early, there's plenty of eats and shops to kill time in the mall surrounding the theater.

    You are asked to arrive 15 minutes to showtime; there is a bar outside the theater where everyone congregated prior to them seating you. When I picked up my ticket at the theater, they asked me if I would like to upgrade seats or buy a drink ticket. The drink ticket was ~$10 with a "souvenir cup" (a generic plastic cup with another theater's show that I didn't bother keeping) and you can fill it with any of their house drinks. I made the mistake of not getting it, and when I arrived at the theater, my gin and tonic came out to nearly $20 in a "souvenir cup". Make sure you get the drink ticket! One man was also selling "Aussie dollars", which are stacks of fake, clean bills for you to wave in the air, get a dance and stuff it in their pants. I was apprehensive and too shy to buy some and was planning on just being a voyeur, but would highly recommend you do as I would certainly get it for next time!

    The theater is relatively small with about four rows or so; since the theater wasn't filled, I didn't see anyone seated in the very far back. I was General Admission and was seated in the third row. Every seat looked like a good view since it was an intimate theater.

    The emcee Adam was a natural at stage banter, and was extremely funny and easy on the eyes. If you want to see the dancers in the movie Magic Mike come to life, Aussie Heat is it! The guys were terrific dancers with well-sculpted bodies, and each act was cheeky and humorous. As for the "stripping", this is the right amount of tasteful striptease naughtiness for a bachelorette/bachlor's party but definitely NSFW. You see some naked backsides, simulations and innuendos, and a lot of grinding dance moves. They do warn that no one is allowed to film on their cell phones, which is a appreciated since I doubt many of the audience participants want these videos going up on YouTube without their permission!

    Throughout the show, there are segments where if you have Aussie Dollars that you purchased previously, the dancers will come down to the audience to give you extra attention with a lap dance. Since I didn't purchase any and no one in my section did either, our section did not receive special attention, which is why I would recommend purchasing them if you want some focus on ya!

    I noticed there were few men in my audience, and most looked like they were a husband/boyfriend taking their wife/girlfriend to the show, so no men were chosen as participants for the stage since they weren't waving their hands in the air. As the show neared to the end, and I enjoyed watching and cheering throughout, the men were doing one final round for audiences to get rid of all their Aussie Dollars. Even though I didn't have any, the dancer Handsome George (whose dance moves are insane, and he more than lives up to his name) made his round down our row and actually gave me some attention. I was not expecting that as one of the few males in the audience, and someone who wasn't hooting for attention!

    I would highly recommend Aussie Heat. It's a world class entertaining show with a cast who works hard for the audience. Most of all, I can attest that the reviews were right - this show is INCLUSIVE if you are male or female, LGBTQ+ or straight, which is very important. So if you have any hesitations like myself, do yourself a favor and go book your tickets now and SUPPORT Aussie Heat! Can't wait to go again!

    Also, at the end you can take a pic with the cast with proceeds going to local charity Opportunity Village that they support and teach dance at. How awesome is that? In that case, you know I had to get one!

    thumb Kenny H.
  •   So much fun! Lap dances for everyone! It was just the right amount of tease and fun without being overly aggressive. Being on the strip, in Planet Hollywood feels safe, theatre is clean. They didn't constantly solicit us to buy drinks or lap dances... Highly recommend!!

    thumb Cherry C.
  •   Raunchy.  2 of the guys are buff, the others are nothing special.  Yeah, a few of them can break dance.  The show was very repetitious, so I guess if you just want to get some lap dances (more money), this may be the show for you.  Audience participation is a large part of it and I'll admit I was stunned and embarrassed for the 21-year-old birthday girl who,with her mother laughing the whole time, reenacted doggie-style sex with a huge penis.

    thumb Sherri S.
  •   If your low on budget, then this is the show for you... otherwise splurge, have a great time and take a chance of seeing Channing Tatum & see the hottest guys on the strip, MAGIC MIKE LIVE!!! Otherwise if you like the store brand label (Kroger, Walmart) of male review to save a dollar or two, go for it!... if your not with a large party of bachelorette girls or hot sexy girls then there eyes aren't on you, no matter how many bucks you buy... if your interested in young boys to entertain you then go right for it, I prefer someone who appears to look over the age of 30 and can dance, these guys well are nearly all off beat and appear to always count there steps... your best bet to better enjoy your vegas experience is see the well viewed & highly entertaining show like chippendale or better yet Magic Mike!

    thumb Marissa S.
  •   Definitely a highlight of my recent trip to Vegas. Very entertaining, not just at stripping but their dancing and taking the time to come round to everyone in the crowd. The guys even took the time to come and chat to us in the bar after, very down to earth and friendly. Will definitely be booking to see them on my next Vegas trip.  Thank you guys

    thumb Emma R.
  •   We went the last weekend in April for my friends bachlorette party and we had a decent time. So here is my summary
    "The good": the show was funny and they had  good looking dancers who could actually dance.  The venue is small so you get a good view of the stage  anywhere your group sits but I'd recommend getting tickets in the middle area at least just to be seen. They did most of their dancing on stage and to be fair they did come out to the audience 3-4 times to give close up dances or to pull girls up. I even saw some of the guys dancing on men which I thought was cool...gotta keep it fair lol.
    "The not so good": In the waiting area, the drink prices were about $16+ and they were not strong at all. One bartender trying to cater to a mob of girls so wait time for a drinks sucked. They sold Aussie Money/Dollars or whatever they call it. Its fake money they recommend purchasing to use during the show. it was about $20 for a pack. Dont waste your money. We all bought some and when it was time to wave them around it didnt matter. The guys would come to whoever they wanted no matter what you were waiving in the air and they wore tight jeans so you cant stuff them anywhere. So the "fake money" would just fall right back on us or on the floor and we still had alot left. We also saw people who never got to use theirs. We ended up just throwing that sht up in the air or at each other like fck it we got jipped on this oh well. Also, they focused on girls who were dressed up heavily in bachlorette gear/sashes/tiaras. We felt bad for our bride to be as she just had a regular dress on and although we did our best to get her on the stage by pointing her out and making her stand up...the guys just walked right past her so she felt bad. So make sure your girl is all geared with all the cheezy bach stuff if she wants a chance to get called on stage. And finally, they offered a souvenir picture with their crew at the end of the show for $20 cash. We stood in line and when it was my friends turn to get her picture w/ the guys, the staff asked for my phone to take the souvenir picture. lmao. I was like ohhh thats what she gets. I thought they would take a pic by an actual photographer and have it printed out postcard style. Or at least roll out one of those photobooth rentals lol. I just found that really funny but I also felt bad for my friend she was expecting something else.

    Overall, we had good laughs and the bride to be said she had fun but we knew it could have  been better for her. I think there could be some improvements to make the experience better and so people dont feel jipped. Go check it out... just go prepared. Caveat Emptor.

    thumb Mari P.
  •   Originally my girlfriends and I were going to see another male stripping show, but we liked the fact that "Aussie Heat" is performing at a smaller venue and has great reviews on Yelp.
    YES, we made a wise decision 🙂
    The show was AWESOME!! Of course they are hot, sexy, cute, handsome, ripped, yummy, great dancers and everything!!
    Not only that, but it was so much FUN!!
    MC Adam who was funny and yummy took the show to the next level!!
    I guarantee you that you'll have "Aussie HeaVer (heat+fever) " like we had after the show.
    Must see!!
    We had a blast!
    Thank you so much for a fun night Aussie Heat!!
    We will definitely be back next time we are in Las Vegas.

    thumb Mic F.
  •   This is seriously one of the best experiences in Vegas! Not only is the show fun, sexy, and witty, but some of these guys can really DANCE! Oh yeah, and they're Australian!... and hot...  and the sweetest group of guys you ever did meet off the stage too. I highly recommend seeing this show! It's my favorite thing to bring my friends to.

    thumb Tawny D.
  •   Awesome show, love the interaction. Better then the other male revues offered in Vegas. We want you to come to Canada!!!

    thumb Elizabeth S.